Important statement


The official statement by the
Viking Glima Federation

In the last twenty years Lars Magnar Enoksen has worked closely with the five masters of Glima in order to set the standards needed to become an instructor or a master of Glima.

These standards proclaim that Glima is an old martial art with strong traditions of the North, and mastery can only be acquired from the recognized masters of the art.

Those, who practice Glima are considered to be the guardians of an unbroken tradition which can be traced back to Viking age Scandinavia, and they are very proud of this fact.

Only those who are awarded the official certificate signed and approved by the Viking Glima Federation and its masters are regarded as authorized instructors in this art.

The certificate of Viking Glima Federation clearly states the level of the instructors and which style/styles of Glima they are practicing.

The Berserkers

Demonstrating the fury of the Berserker.
Note how the throat and the eyes become naturally protected in this state of mind.

It is not only the technical fighting skills that makes the Viking warriors so efficient and superior to others, they also has the advantage of being able to bring forth the rage of the mighty bear and the deadly wolf. This inhuman state of mind is regarded as being given from the warrior-god and magician Óđinn or “the one that is inspired by rage” and is called Berserksgangr or “to go berserk”. The warriors who are able to go into this god-given state of mind is known as the Berserkers.

Please note that we are talking about the old meaning of the expression “to go berserk” and not the modern way of describing a crazy person who runs amok – even if there are at lot similarities between them. The Viking Berserker is on a much higher level as he/she enriches his body with powers making him/her insensible to pain and enters a state of mind that can conquer all his/her enemies.

The attitude of the Berserker can be used efficiently in Glima, but it should be mentioned that this force should only be used in earnest in fights against more than one opponent or in cases where the opponent is stronger than you. Beware of the fact that the fury of the Berserker can only be upheld for a fairly short time-period – so use it with caution. You will be totally drained of energy when the power of the rage runs out and then you will also feel all the pains and injuries that your opponents have inflicted on you. If you want to learn and master the attitude of the wild beast, the best way is to try it in the opening stage of a fight in Combat Glima.

To find the Berserker within you must let go of your mind and act with the determination of a predator that has already conquered his/her prey before the attack has started.