Important statement


The official statement by the
Viking Glima Federation

In the last twenty years Lars Magnar Enoksen has worked closely with the five masters of Glima in order to set the standards needed to become an instructor or a master of Glima.

These standards proclaim that Glima is an old martial art with strong traditions of the North, and mastery can only be acquired from the recognized masters of the art.

Those, who practice Glima are considered to be the guardians of an unbroken tradition which can be traced back to Viking age Scandinavia, and they are very proud of this fact.

Only those who are awarded the official certificate signed and approved by the Viking Glima Federation and its masters are regarded as authorized instructors in this art.

The certificate of Viking Glima Federation clearly states the level of the instructors and which style/styles of Glima they are practicing.

The Secret art of Glima


For the first time ever the secret of Glima is revealed. Read the fascinating story about the fighting art of the Vikings that has survived in unbroken traditions in Scandinavia from the medieval times to the modern age. This secret Art has been handed down from master to master, but almost died out before the old knowledge found a safe harbour at the end of the last century.

(This quality book is bound in hard cover, size: 125 x 175, 64 pages)

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